About DNFM


  1. Formatting
    1. bold text: select and hit CTRL + b (⌘ + b on a Mac).
    2. italic text: select and hit CTRL + i (⌘ + i on a Mac).
    3. For hyperlinks, simply type or paste the link to remember.
  2. Save in the cloud: DNFM is able to store your memos online, so you can keep them across browsers, space and time. To enable this, simply connect using your Facebook, Google or Github account.

A quick To-do list for...

"Do Not Forget Me" is a to-do list for normal folks like you and me, who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, always with a browser open. It works out of the box. Simply type wat you need to remember. There should be no learning curve. If you want, keep DNFM open in a pinned tab, so it's available at all times.

If you're a control freak project manager who needs to group tasks into lists or projects (or any other aspects of your life (kids, clients, lovers...), have a look at other apps like Trello, Wunderlist, etc.

Make sure to read the tips to make the most out of DNFM and contribute feedbacks and ideas on the .

A personal project by...

Me, Alexandre Plennevaux, because I have a very bad memory and keep forgetting things like... Well, I forgot what. See? Exactly.

Made possible thanks to...